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Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice
Welcome to the Eastern Ontario Training Board.  We believe it is important to protect the privacy of our clients and guests and be transparent with our practices. We know that you care about how your personal information is collected, used, and shared and we want to help you make knowledgeable choices about the information you provide to us.

Purposes and Consent
This “Privacy Notice” explains and summarizes how the Eastern Ontario Training Board collects, holds, uses, protects and discloses your information, including the personal information that you may provide to us or that we may collect from you as you interact with us. It also explains how individuals can access and correct their personal information.
Personal information is information, which directly or indirectly identifies a person. This includes any factual or subjective information, recorded or not, about an identifiable individual. This includes information in any form, such as age, name, income, ethnic origin, opinions, evaluations, comments, social status, or employee disciplinary actions.
The Eastern Ontario Training Board follows the best practices identified in the Canadian Standards Association Model Code for the Protection of Privacy when collecting, using, and disclosing personal information and complies with all relevant legislation including Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FIPPA) Act as well as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents (PIPEDA) Act.
By providing the Eastern Ontario Training Board with your personal information, you are deemed to have consented to the Eastern Ontario Training Board using and disclosing it for the purposes described in this statement.

Notice of Collection
The Eastern Ontario Training Board collects personal information from individuals, including data and opinions related to workforce and community development, for the purpose of better understanding the local labour market landscape. Aggregated labour market information (non-personally identifiable) helps us engage our community and drive local approaches to the planning and delivery of employment and training services in the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry and the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.  If you have any questions or concerns about this collection of personal information, contact us at the coordinates listed at the bottom of this Privacy Notice.

Types of Personal Information We Collect and How It Is Used

The collection of personal information contained in resumes is used to research the labour market and enhance the quality and accuracy of our reports. Resumes will be stored in a locked filing cabinet, and digitally, in a protected database on a secure server. Access to the personal information in the database is limited to two Eastern Ontario Training Board employees who maintain it as part of their job duties as well as the Executive Director. This information may be aggregated into non-personally-identifiable reports that summarize available talent for the purpose of workforce, economic and community development.

Cookies and Related Technologies
Cookies are small lines of text/data that are written onto your computer by a website. The Eastern Ontario Training Board or others acting on our behalf may use cookies, pixel tags, web beacons or other similar technologies in connection with the operation of our website. These technologies may collect and store usage data to research and understand how our website is used, to personalize your online experience and for general advertising and marketing purposes. It is possible that cookies placed by the Eastern Ontario Training Board or its partners may be removed at the end of your visit or may remain stored on your computer until you remove them.
You may set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie or to refuse to receive it. You should be aware that this may interfere with or make you unable to use certain functionality on websites using cookies. For example, many websites will ask your permission to use a cookie that will enable you to automatically log onto the website. Disabling or removing cookies may require you to manually log on each time you wish to visit that website.
The Eastern Ontario Training Board uses Google Analytics to track website traffic in aggregate. Users of our job search tools can choose to disclose their gender and age range or not, with the user’s preference saved in their cookies. Our website associates a user’s gender and age range (or its unknown status) with job search interactions (i.e. clicks). The individual is not personally identifiable in this process. Information collected through this process is then used to create a monthly job search report that is published on our website. The Job Search Report publishes aggregated (non-personally identifiable) job search interactions on our website.

Feedback Submitted through Website
The Eastern Ontario Training Board collects personal information, including identifiable data and opinions, from individuals who use the feedback submission tool in the Contact Us web page. The personal information will only be kept to satisfy the purpose of providing a personalized response to you in accordance with our Customer Service Standard.

Event Attendance and Personal Requirements
The Eastern Ontario Training Board may collect personal information directly, and through trusted third-party service providers, about an individual’s scheduled attendance, disability (for the purpose of providing accommodation), and related personal requirements such as dietary needs and allergies, when planning and executing events. With this information, the Eastern Ontario Training Board can better personalize an individual’s experience at one of our events. The personal information will only be kept to satisfy the purpose of planning, executing and evaluating the event.
Occupational Interviews/Videos
The Eastern Ontario Training Board interviews local workers or employer representatives about their jobs/companies to share job and sector-related information/insights with the public. We typically ask generic questions like what do they like about their job, why did they pursue a career in this occupation, what training/education requirements are needed to work in this job, what services or goods does your company produces, etc. All individuals featured in occupational interviews or videos have completed a waiver form agreeing to have their photo/video taken.  The Eastern Ontario Training Board keeps interviews and videos on our website for access by the public for an indefinite period as per agreements with project funders.

Information Retention and Disclosure
The personal information of unsuccessful candidates for employment positions at the Eastern Ontario Training Board, including their resume, tests, notes and evaluation scoring made by the hiring individual(s), will kept for a period of one (1) year from the hiring date of the successful candidate. In all other cases, records and documents containing personal information will be retained for a period of seven years, except where otherwise legally required by legislation or contract to maintain it for more or less time.
The Eastern Ontario Training Board will never disclose your personal information to any other party without your signed or expressed consent.  In the event that the Eastern Ontario Training Board needs to transport personal information to another partner’s location, such as other Employment Ontario service providers, it shall be transported using a strong, password-protected drive or server, to avoid unauthorized access.
While the Eastern Ontario Training Board provides aggregated reports and presentations on local labour market supply and demand to community partners and the general public, reports and presentations will never contain personally identifiable information.
All Eastern Ontario Training Board employees and volunteers shall receive privacy training on their first day of work or first day in a different job or when assigned a job duty that requires them to handle personal information or when there are changes to the relevant Acts or Eastern Ontario Training Board policy. They will also be asked to sign and commit to a Privacy of Personal Information Agreement with their employer, the Eastern Ontario Training Board.

Right of Access and Correction
You can request to view general records as well as the personal information that we have about you at any time by contacting us at the coordinates listed at the bottom of this privacy notice; however, all general records as well as information collected, including any documentation we have about you, shall remain the property of the Eastern Ontario Training Board.
The Eastern Ontario Training Board shall respond to all requests for writing within thirty (30) days of receiving the request and related fee (if any), unless access is denied in writing by the Eastern Ontario Training Board for reasons permitted under the legislation or has been delayed, as a result of an extraordinary circumstance.
The Eastern Ontario Training Board reserves the right to refuse access when a record contains the personal information or third-party information that affects the interest of someone other than the requester, and if so, will allow the affected person to make representations about the disclosure of this information.
Upon viewing the information, you may request that it be corrected, updated or changed via the Executive Director. The decision to make the change is up to the Executive Director. If she/he refuses, you may attach a statement of disagreement to the record/document.
An unsatisfied individual also has the right to contact the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario or the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

Revocation of Consent
You may, at any time, revoke consent for our collecting, using, or disclosing your personal information. If you revoke consent, we will purge your information from our database. Please note that revoking consent may mean we will no longer be able to contact you and your qualifications will not be included in our aggregate reports.  If you would like to revoke your consent, contact us at the coordinates listed at the bottom of this Privacy Notice.

Disposing of Personal Information
The Eastern Ontario Training Board shall destroy, erase or render anonymous information that is no longer required for an identified purpose or legal requirement in a way that is both safe and secure. When it is disposed of properly, an individual’s personal information can no longer be accessed by anyone, including the Eastern Ontario Training Board. If contracting with a third-party for the destruction of these records or documents, the Eastern Ontario Training Board shall demand written assurance that the third-party is compliant with all relevant privacy legislation, so that from the time they take possession of the records to the time it is destroyed, both individuals and the Eastern Ontario Training Board can be assured that the personal information is protected.

Notification of Changes
The Eastern Ontario Training Board may make changes to and update this Privacy Notice from time to time, and post them here. You are encouraged to visit this page regularly to keep abreast of any changes.

Challenges, Questions or Complaints?
If you wish to challenge the Eastern Ontario Training Board’s privacy practice compliance; require further information about how the Eastern Ontario Training Board protects your privacy; or have a complaint related to how the Eastern Ontario Training Board collects, holds, uses, protects and discloses your personal information, please contact:

Martha Woods, Executive Director
Eastern Ontario Training Board
16 Second Street West
Cornwall, Ontario K6J 1G2
[email protected]
All inquiries will receive a response. Challenges and complaints will be investigated. Any compliance issues will be addressed through training or changes to policy or practices and or progressive discipline.

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